Sometimes, individuals die alone and are not found for several days or even longer. This is called an unattended death. The body naturally begins to decompose very quickly after death. With decomposition, the body no longer looks like it did in life because biological fluids begin to seep out and body tissues begin to breakdown. After a few hours to a few days, depending on the weather, these changes invite odor, insects, bacteria, and mold. These consequences impact more than just the area where the individual is found–they can impact furnishings and personal items in other parts of the home or business.

Finding a decomposing body can be very difficult for a family member, landlord, or friend. It can also be a very difficult scene to fully remediate and should only be done by a professional crime scene cleaning team.

On Call Bio-Illinois has cleaned many different unattended death scenes. We understand what happens with the body and know what to look for–and where to look for it. We follow industry standard safety and disinfection procedures. We will remove personal property, flooring, and other elements as appropriate and dispose of them following Illinois biohazard procedures. Because even the smallest amount of biological material can cause serious issues with odor, On Call Bio-Illinois uses several tools to clean both surfaces and the air.

When we are finished, the scene will be safe and clean. Of course, if any concerns are noted later, On Call Bio-Illinois will return to investigate and provide further remediation services as needed.

We assist with cleanup needs all over Illinois, from the Windy City to the City in the Suburbs, and can often dispatch a team within 30 minutes of your call.

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