Did you know Chicago is home to the first U.S blood bank, which opened in 1937? Keeping in line with Illinois’ history of blood related research and care, On Call Bio Illinois provides the best blood cleanup services available in Chicago, Springfield, and the state.

You may have a blood spill in your home or business for a variety of reasons, from a simple kitchen accident to a medical condition to a crime scene. When would you call-in a professional biohazard cleaning company like On Call Bio-Illinois to clean-up the blood?

In general, the answer is “if you do not feel comfortable or safe cleaning it up yourself.” Most people are comfortable cleaning a small amount of blood, smaller than about 12” by 12”, from a hard surface like tile or wood. Beyond that, here are a few considerations to help you decide:

Is the blood on carpet? Unfortunately, we cannot effectively remove blood from carpet or other porous materials. At this time, there just isn’t a chemical that will remove all biohazards from this kind of material. Because our goal is to leave your space clean, we recommend removing the carpet.

blood cleanup

Is the blood pooling (collecting to form a small puddle)? Where there is enough blood to pool, the blood may also begin to soak into the surface it is on. If the blood seeps into small cracks between floorboards or grout around tile it may not be enough to simply clean the surface. The affected flooring may need to be removed to the surface underneath can properly be cleaned. If not, biological material may be left behind and eventually there will be an odor as well.

How long has the blood been sitting? In addition to the chance of pooling discussed above, blood that sits begins to coagulate and dry. Once this happens, the blood is harder to remove. Stronger chemicals and techniques may be needed.

Does the blood contain pathogens or diseases? In some situations, you may know that the individual had a condition such as C-Diff, MRSA, or Hepatitis C. When bloodborne pathogens are involved, anyone who cleans-up the blood must wear proper protective equipment and take precautions to avoid spreading germs.

Are you in a home or a workplace? Of course, we want to be safe when cleaning blood at home or at work. At work, however, employers must follow strict employee protection guidelines outlined by OSHA. Depending on the type of facility, this expertise may not be available.

If you are not sure that you can safely remove the blood spill, disinfect the area and adjacent areas, and properly dispose of any flooring, furniture, carpet, towels affected by the blood, please call On Call Bio-Illinois at 630-793-4298. We would be happy to help keep you and your home or business safe!

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