Unattended Death (After Death Cleanup)


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UNATTENDED DEATH: On Call Bio Illinois

There is truly nothing that can prepare you for the death of a loved one, especially if they were left unattended when they passed and for a period afterward. In addition to grieving, the family may be left with the daunting task of cleaning the area where their loved one died. On Call Bio Illinois is the company to call when this situation does arise. We clean the home using state of the art equipment to remove bio-waste and disinfect and sanitize the area. During this time of tragedy, our experience and dependability, along with our compassion, will allow you to begin the healing process.

On Call Bio Illinois: The Answer to “What Now?”

HOW On Call Bio Illinois CLEANS

By following strict OSHA regulations on bloodborne pathogens, the team takes all precautions to avoid any unwanted cross-contamination. This is necessary to protect both our employees and the family. Using universal precautions, we remove all traces of blood and biological material left behind. Our highly skilled team will then disinfect and deodorize the home. With your health and safety in mind, On Call Bio Illinois can never be too cautious.

Our process is far from ordinary clean-up. Biohazard remediation and crime scene clean-up is a highly specialized field, requiring strict adherence OSHA regulations. With biohazard remediation, the emphasis is on ridding the area of blood, bodily fluid or other harmful pathogens through cleaning and disinfecting. This may be necessary after a death, accident or outbreak of a communicable disease. Because of the bloodborne pathogens and the high risk they pose, biohazard remediation requires a special person with specialized training and equipment.

The biohazard remediation process at On Call Bio Illinois is a rigorous process. We use specialized cleaning agents to get the job done, all while protecting the health and safety of you and your property.

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Step One: ASSESS

The first step is to a complete a thorough assessment of the situation. Each job is different and we need to prepare you and our employees on how we will proceed.


Next, using OSHA recommended protocol, we control and isolate the affected area to avoid cross-contamination.

Step Three: REMOVE

This is the most dangerous step of the entire biohazard remediation process. It involves the removal of residual blood and/or biological matter, visible or hidden, from the isolated area. It may also require the removal of items that are contaminated and cannot be made safe (e.g., bedding and carpeting).


Using EPA-rated disinfectants, the team will clean, disinfect and deodorize the affected area.

Step Five: VERIFY

The final step is to verify that nothing harmful has been left behind and that the area is safe for your return.

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